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Best of 2012 Photo Gallery

Here’s some of my best shots of 2012.. These include pics from UFC and Strikeforce this year. I didn’t go everywhere the UFC went, but I went to about 95% of the shows. I am always striving to get better at my craft and become the best I can at it. I am one of 16 photographers fortunate enough to get a coveted spot on the apron and we each hope for the position that’s going to get us the money shot. Sometimes what you think is the worst position gets you the angle that lands you the perfect photo. We deal with aching backs, long travel, faulty equipment, lighting, refs in the way, exhaustion for very little reward and somehow I wouldn’t give it up for the world!!

I think I probably missed some because I threw this together pretty quickly but please enjoy the culmination of my year’s work; check em out and let me know what you think!

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