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Instagram’s new photomapping feature is unsafe! Please RT and read how to protect yourself:

Today is the 2nd day in a row I have seen IG update and some new features are cool, but some are not. The photo tagging feature has allowed me to find exact addresses of the places my friends spend most of their time; Including their homes and jobs.

SIMPLE SOLUTION, UNTAG all the photos from your house in the initial photo tagging set up, and when you’re at anyone’s houses including your own, do not photo tag (this is an option when you post) going forward. Instagram photo tags from where you posted the picture from, not from where the photo was taken.

Ok, this solves the issue of your OWN instagram. But what about the friends that come over who unknowingly geo tag your new boat in your driveway? or your kids playing in the backyard?? Plain geotagging was bad enough but this has taken it to a whole new level.

With these photo tags, plus your other social media it takes less than 5 MINUTES to figure out where you live, and when you are not at home!! People should be very cautious of the things they post, and as a courtesy, if you’re at someone’s home, do NOT geo tag your photos!!

On the flip side of this, for businesses this can be an awesome tool where geo tagged photos can potentially promote your business. Having a local frequent your spot can be beneficial in the same way 4square and facebook check ins have been. And, it’s pretty cool to see the places your friends have been, right???

Please be conscientious about how you post your photos as it can be a life or death situation some day.

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