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Trouble: @cowboycerrone @vatoben @aaronrileymma @eliedeshe @johnfosco @nickusmc1 @incubusband

From My Inst@gram:

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About Tracy Lee

Isn't this site enough about me? You still need to know more than you already do??

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  1. Hi Jack,Thanks for the compliment. I began this blog to help keep me hensot about doing the program everyday, and it worked. It is true that I didn’t miss one day in the 108 days, and now it is also true that I have not missed one of 167 days on the way to 216. Its hard to make the time sometimes but it is so worth it.Photography is my passion, mostly nature photgraphy but I love photographing people, and doing still life shots too. What do you like to shoot? If you have any questions about settings or how I shot something I would be happy to share. I can answer a lot of questions about processing photos too if you are shooting digital. Enjoy the Ultimate Yogi Program! I am on my way to do Vitality.

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