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I’m instagram crazy right now!

Instagram TIP!!!! Make your twitter and your instagram usernames the same if you can! This way when someone @ mentions you on instagram and autoposts to their twitter, you get the twitter mention too. Chances are you’ll notice the twitter mention sooner than you notice the instagram one unless you have those annoying email notifications turned on!

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  1. Instagram…drives people crazy….

  2. not that we weren’t…but just go out there and socialize…if you can, most of us and I will say “of us” as I am trying to be polite, can’t socialize because all they can say it’s “my name is…let’s go to my place”…Is not that we weren’t dumb enough, but the whole internet thing….turned us into unbelievable characters….oh….DUMB ONES….

  3. are you referring to me? because if so my social networks are an extension of my real life ones, not the other way around fortunately..

  4. Not to you.. 🙂 I was also referring to myself, sometimes I find myself being “the dumbest ” among all those people I had in mind, when I made the comment. So, it is for everyone… 🙂
    Bottom line : go out there, shake a hand and see what happens….. You will probably have the other person telling you” hold on a sec “, pulling his dumb smartphone who turned him into a. dumb so the phone can be smart.. and send some MESSAGES, as he was living in the virtual world… 🙂

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