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Travel Blog: Day four in Tokyo

I got behind on these by over a week, but I’m really trying to catch up so don’t be surprised if you see links to a bunch of these over the next few days!

Tuesday morning was the day we moved over to the fight hotel. I had the exact same breakfast for the 4th morning in a row and packed up my bags to check out by 11am.. Leaving Roppongi meant walking 3 blocks to the train station that had an elevator because I had come to the conclusion that the Toei Oedo Line was 8 levels underground and lugging my bags down all those escalators would prove to be quite tedious.

When I arrived to the fight hotel it was fortunate we were able to check in spite of it being noon. I ran into a few of the fighters in the lobby. After dropping my bags off and then getting a little bit of work done, I went to visit Joe Lauzon’s crew and then took off to site see in Shinjuku.

The hotel offered a free shuttle to shinjuku which was walking distance away, but still far enough that a shuttle was a welcome option. I walked around snapping photos (as I do) before heading back to the hotel. It was a pretty low key day over all.

I thought I was in for the night, but a craving for sweets dragged me out of my room and out of the hotel in search of something to munch on. I ran into the Skrap Pack out on the street and ended up at the most American Restaurant that I have seen in Japan, Royal Host although there was a Denny’s in close proximity. I ordered a hamburger (no bun) with mushrooms and mashed potatoes.

After eating I separated from the guys and went to a store closeby to grab a few snacks and water for the room. I went back and worked and called it an early night.

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