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I need help giving some free MMA stuff away!

So I’ve been moving the last few days and had a chance to really see what stuff I have for giveaways and god knows I have quite a bit of MMA product; be it a season or two old.

Normally I would put it out there as contests to help build my followers but at this point I really don’t care. Maybe reading the story about layaway angels at kmart touched me or just wanting to share all this stuff I have been given, or it being the season of giving, but this is what I have decided; I need your help finding people to give this to.

The idea here is not to give this stuff to just any fan, I want to give it to people that would otherwise not have it. I realize that its a little late to make xmas but I’m hoping that with your help, I can make SOMEONE’S holiday season a little bit better.

I want to stress, this is not some strange ploy for social media status, I’m not doing this looking for RTs or anything. I also want to stress, I’m really looking for people (kids) who really can’t afford this stuff. I have a few gi’s, some gloves, a bunch of t shirts, and more.

So here’s the help I need.. I need you to write to me and tell me who it is you know that needs something, and why they need it. If me sending a gi helps keep a kid off the streets, I’m all for it (note:I only have a few). I have a feeling that this has the possibility of being a real emotional endeavor, but I’m looking forward to it.

PLEASE BE HONEST!!! I’m using the honor system here- its all I have to go by. Also know that I can’t give stuff to everyone, I will accommodate as much as I can. I am shipping this stuff out of my own pocket, and my pockets aren’t the most well lined out there. I’m also doing this on my own time so I’m going to try get it out as quickly as possible.

You can be public and post it to my facebook wall, my website comments below, or be private and send me a private message on Facebook, or maybe the Underground.. You can get my facebook link on the top right of this page on my website.

Please help me make someone smile this holiday season.. I’d love a photo of the smile if you can too!

Thank you,

Tracy Lee

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