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I just had a great cust serv experience

W/ @boingo wireless. @askcapitalone was the horrible experience right before this call.

I checked my bank account this morning and noticed $50 worth of random charges on my acct from Boingo. Boingo is a wifi provider in airports and hotels across the world. I was surprised by the charges because I have an unlimited plan. So I called the company and Jose was a wonderful help.

He was very informative and was willing to get a supervisor to me without asking in the hopes that some sort of refund could be done. See, even though I have the unlimited plan, overseas usage costs extra. Had I known that I could have changed my plan prior to leaving the country.

A supervisor couldn’t get on the phone with me so Jose offered a call back from him. He also answered some questions I had about inflight internet too. He went above and beyond trying to help.

After about 15 minutes, I got a call back. The supervisor agreed to refund and meet me halfway on the charges. I think that was fair and agreed. The whole experience took 1/3 of the time that my earlier experience with capital one took.

Thank you for your awesome customer service, boingo!

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