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Talking to @askcapitalone credit cards on the phone was a disaster. I got a letter from them while I was out of the country telling me that they shut off my card and I need to call to get it turned back on. The number they provided directs me to the FRAUD dept. I hadn’t tried to use my card while overseas because everytime I’ve tried to rely on it something like this happens. And, they had turned it off prior to me even leaving. Turns out the reason was that they wanted to verify the bank account that I paid a 67.00 payment from to pay off my capital one account in full. Said bank account is the same one I’ve been paying 1-2 payments a month to pay the card off in full; same bank account EVERY month since day 1. The rep apoligizes and turns the account back on. This was the 2nd time its been shut off right before I’ve left out of the country. What the hell? After that gets straightened out, I have her transfer me to talk to a credit counselor about what length of time and process they go through to increase my limit. I got transferred to the wrong dept so that rep had to transfer me to the right one. The next rep I got put in a request for an increase without me asking for one- and then the language barrier was too bad to understand what was going on. She kept calling me Mistress Lee. Oh, forgot to mention the call center I was talking to was located in central america so each rep I spoke with had an extremely thick accent. We were going in circles at this point so I asked to speak to a supervisor. I started going around in circles with him so I had to break it down. Finally we got to the point where he agreed that the previous rep had given me a bunch of misinformation.

This is a continual issue I have had with capital one. I end up on 2-3 calls a month with them to deal with any number of issues from them not applying my payments, to them shutting off my card for no reason. Its been a nightmare for the better part of six months now.

Anyone else had issues like these? Its quite ridiculous tell you the truth and I’m really tempted to just close down the account.

Capital One credit card and customer service has been horrible through and through. Calling, internet, online chat, and more. I can’t imagine having a normal bank account with them!

Tracy Lee

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