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Photography Inspirator of the Day: Ryan Breizer

Inspirator of the day: +Ryan Brenizer

I don’t spend a lot of time checking out wedding photography for the simple fact that I don’t want to learn how to do it! I’ve actually shot a fair amount of weddings with the pretense that i’m NOT the wedding photographer and go as a guest with a camera..

I digress… You can’t help but want to look at random strangers’ wedding photos when they’re taken by Ryan Brenizer. His “traditional pose” wedding photos are far from the norm; taking each a step further with lighting, color, and composition. And the way he captures timeless moments during the event? His ability to record moments in time I’m sure easily transports each one of his bride and grooms back to the exact moment that the shot was taken; no matter how many sands of the hourglass had fallen since.

Add to this the guy has a photo technique that he created and perfected, The Brenizer Method, that transcends your camera’s abilities and goes outside of your typical photography textbook teachings.

As you peruse through his work and enjoy each photo, you will want to follow him in the hopes of absorbing any teachings or techniques from this talented master..

Ryan’s Google+ page

Let me know if you enjoy his work as much as I do!

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