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New HDR Photo- thoughts?

So I took this HDR photo of the Frank Gehry building a little over a week ago when I headed out around Vegas with +Tom Anderson .. We hit a good number of spots on and off the strip.. I noticed with this, as with many of the HDR’s I processed from that evening, that I was having an issue with the sky; grainyness, halos, tons of noise in spite of shooting at 100iso….

I don’t know if this was the “correct” way to deal with the sky issue, but I took this 3bracket shot +2 0 -2 and processed it in photomatix twice, once for the building and once for the sky. then placed it into photoshop where I used layer masks to merge the two in one photo… I’m not sure I was done with it, but it has sat for over a week with no changes so here it is..

My question is, do you guys tend to have issues with sky noise like I do? And if so, how are you dealing with it?

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