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Facebook quirk: has anyone noticed this???

Ever since facebook added subscriptions to combat against google+, there’s been a little quirk that I have tried to tell them about, to no avail… So I’m sharing it here in the hopes that someone may take notice, or tell me that i’m wrong and show me the way to make it right??

On facebook, it used be that if you were maxed out on your personal page and someone tried to add you, they would get a notice that states “this person has too many friend requests”. Now this tended to bum potential friends out, but at LEAST THEY KNEW!!

Now, try and add someone you KNOW is maxed out; it looks like your friend request went through.. Um, but you are soooooo wrong! Hit refresh and you will see that the friend you requested in fact did not get notified of your request… The option to “add a friend” was right back where you started.

The requestor as well as the requestee tend to have NO IDEA that this is going on. Feelings of resentment start to brew towards the requestee yet they had no idea. If they have the subscription option turned on, it’s a good alternative to a maxed out friend profile, yet it doesn’t suggest it to you, now does it???

FACEBOOK!! PAY ATTENTION! The subscription option is a waste because of this ISSUE!!

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