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Don’t go see Captain America @palmslasvegas @brendencorp

The screen was incredibly dark and we complained before and after and Asst. Manager Andrew Barker was incredibly rude and told us pretty much too bad and said that’s how the movie is always going to play there. The green screen that announces previews before the movie wasn’t even green, and the 3D glasses made it all the more dark.

I even looked up on my phone and saw how sick the extra secret scene at the end of the movie was supposed to be, and you couldn’t really see what was going on..

Personally- the way the screen was during the midnight show of Captain America and the other manager’s knowledge that there was an issue, it wouldn’t have been a big deal for the employees to offer tickets to the 30 people who were in the audience watching it.

I normally love going to the palms for movies, but now will definitely think twice because of how rude we were just treated. Johnny brenden, brenden theaters, palms las vegas- all it would have taken was a little bit of customer service.

Hope someone at the Palms reads this and has a better idea of what customer service is than the manager who was on duty!

Tracy Lee

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