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Pics of Jake Shields training with Phil Davis


Jake Shields took some time to head down to Alliance MMA to train with Phil Davis for his upcoming fight against Georges St Pierre. Here are the pics I shot after coming in about halfway through their training session. While there, I also caught some pics of Nate Diaz training with TUF 12’s, Cody McKenzie.

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  1. When Tracy dies I am going to go to her grave and take a pic of me smiling at her grave. Seriously what were you thinking when you took that pic in Bruce’s grave. You should really be ashamed, unbelievable. Have you seen Dan hardys video when he visited his grave if not watch it, he got choked up and was visibly emotional and showed much respect and here you are fucking smiling. Un fucking believable. No respect. Fucking bull shit.

  2. Yea she fucked up on that one big time.

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