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Hey @jonnybones !

You just made these guys days by signing this poster for them!

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About Tracy Lee

Isn't this site enough about me? You still need to know more than you already do??


  1. Wow, would I ever treasure this…Are Canadians able to win?

  2. If you haven’t heard the news, Anderson Silva has a new documentary called, “Like Water,” which set for release later this month at the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan. The name of the film is taken from a famous Bruce Lee quote as an homage to the world’s most famous martial artist who was a huge influence to The Spider’s MMA career. Then Tracy the dumb bimbo bitch decides to take a pic of her on his grave smiling. what a stupid dumb bitch.

  3. Hey @jonnybones There is no fucking god, go research urself, the internet is there and there is no more excuses for being ignorant. You have so many unfounded and retarded beleifs that would make a little kid say What the fuck r u talking about, so my life is dictated to and it is a set path and road and i have no control over it. You are a fucking retard. I beleive in the easter bunny prove that he doesnt exist.

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