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Hey @julzzastrow !

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This thing Is making me mad right now!!!

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  1. I have a QUICK & cheap solution 4 U’re issue. Switch over from, “T-Mobile” to “Sprint” get Urself on, “$69.99: The Everything Data Plan”, that includes; 450 Anytime/Day Mins, Unlimited; Text, Web, GPS, Pic-mail, Video-mail, Sprint Tv, Sprint Navigation, Nights & Weekends Starting @ 7pm, as well as a feature called, “Any-Mobile”; which basically allows U2 call ANY Cell Phone
    # U want no matter what, (Cell Carrier) they’re on 24/7 so basically U never waste U’re; “Anytime/Day Mins”…..No1 has that feature on ANY CARRIER. PLUS, what you do is buy yourself an, “HTC EVO 4G” which has a, “Hotspot” feature jus like that suck/unreliable, “Mifi” U just wasted your hard urned money on. Oh ALSO you get all that on, “The Fastest & 1st 4G Network”…Don’t be fooled by Verizon & or even AT&T’s” false claims of having the fastest network. Look it up, Sprint jus jumped to #1 in,”Customer Satisfaction” look in CNET or Gadnet it’s official. Think bout it tho. Your prob would be solved & you’d ALWAYS have Internet on your; EVO, Laptop, I-Pod Touch (If you have one), your Digi or SLR Cams that you shoot fights with even, jus think you’d have exclusive pix online B4 ANYONE, makin you even more Productive.

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