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Wow! @hpnews has the worst customer service I have ever experienced!

has the worst customer service I have ever experienced!" data-via="" >

APPLE @forstall here I come!!

hp worst customer service

I have an HP Pavilion Notebook, model dv6-1259dx

Since the 5th month I have had it, it has been blue screening on me, often during the middle of a fight. On top of that, the left mouse button is broken and sits lower than the right one. To top it all off, the charger is broken. I am sitting at just under a year on my warranty and I am trying to get everything taken care of.

So I call customer care and go through troubleshooting on the charger. I know the charger is not working having tested it out, as well as tried a friends charger and it worked. I tell the rep that I can’t afford to send the laptop back and be without it for over three weeks. 7-10 business days to service it, as well as shipping time there and back. She seems to be reading from a script and puts me on hold a number of times. My cell phone disconnects and she calls me back. That call was close to an hour long.

She tells me that I can have a technician come out to service my laptop to fix the button and the blue screen issue for $49. I don’t like it, but agree to it. I need to get this fixed and want it covered under warranty. The next time I am home for a few days is the 16th of August so I request that date. Then I ask when she is going to send the charger and she says she’ll send with a technician. WHAT?? It’s the 4th, how am I supposed to charge my laptop for the next 2 weeks? She says she needs to reenter the whole order and places me on hold again. I get disconnected. No call back this time. :(

So I have been driving from LA to Oakland all day today. Been on the phone dealing with tons of stuff for business and finally get around to calling to confirm that my charger is being sent and deal with the same issues and hopefully find a solution. I talk to Trisha, and tell her everything is listed in notes. I end up on hold for a good 30 minutes while she reads the notes and then tells me that a service call will be $200 to get my laptop fixed. I ask about the charger, and she says she’ll send it out but can’t overnight it. I ask to speak to a supervisor and Brad gets on the phone.

Brad tells me that he’s sorry for the misinformation but a service call is going to cost $200. I ask about the charger. He says he’ll send it out. Says it will take 3-5 business days. I say, well if the charger was sent yesterday, then I would have it by the time I am home monday. I ask if there is anywhere I can take it into that will fix it under warranty. He gives me an office depot location and a costco location phone number in San Leandro. I’m lucky I didn’t just go there, and called first.

The person I talked to informed me one, they don’t do warranty claims, I would have to pay for the repair. Two, they only do software repairs, not hardware so taking it in for my touchpad would have been pointless. I get off the phone and call HP service.

I don’t know the name of the rep I got, but he wouldn’t transfer me to a supervisor. I hung up and called back again.

The next rep I got, I gave my ticket # to, and asked to speak with a supervisor. I told her that I didn’t want to talk to her; all the notes are in the ticket if she wants to know what’s going on. I sit on hold for over 30 minutes before a supervisor gets on the line.

The female supervisor goes over all the options that I have already heard. We come to the conclusion that i’m going to call in closer to the end of the month and then she’s going to send out a box for me to send in the laptop. It will be overnighted each way, she says, and then take 3-5 days to get repaired (initially she even said 2-3 days). Well with overnight, and that time period, I can probably handle being without my laptop the week of labor day. As I start to ask her about the charger, she has disappeared off the phone. I sat in silence for another few minutes waiting to see if she got on the line again before it was disconnected.

At the same time I was waiting for a supe, I got on the HP.com website to get in a chat with a representative. As the conversation went, I really thought someone was going to finally send me my charger. And if you look at the conversation, at the very end he tells me I need to call customer service again and talk with a case manager. What?? He can’t send my charger???

This has been pretty much the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I am about to get on the phone to call, yet again. 5 phone calls, 1 chat, close to 3+ hours on the phone. I will continue this story when I know the outcome..

Tracy Lee : Too much to list.
[An agent will be with you shortly.] [You are now chatting with Ronnie Jack .] Ronnie Jack : Welcome to HP Total Care for notebook support. My name is Ronnie Jack. Please give me a few moments while I review your problem description details.

NOTE: For security reasons, PLEASE DO NOT send credit card information via chat.

Tracy Lee : ticket # 8041316972
Ronnie Jack : Hello Tracy.
Ronnie Jack : How are you?
Tracy Lee : not good
Tracy Lee : pretty upset with HP’s customer service
Tracy Lee : and in shock with how my problem is being dealt with
Tracy Lee : to let you know, I am on hold with customer service for 30 minutes right now.
Tracy Lee : this is the 5th call
Ronnie Jack : We regret for the inconvenience caused and will do my best to assist you.
Tracy Lee : each call has been over 30 minutes
Tracy Lee : all of the notes should be in the tickets
Tracy Lee : i am APALLED at the service i have thus far received
Ronnie Jack : I do understand your concern.
Ronnie Jack : We apologize for that.
Ronnie Jack : Let me see what best can be done from my side to assist you in this.
Ronnie Jack : May I have 3-4 minutes of your time to review the previous correspondence so that I can assist you better?
Tracy Lee : it should be listed under the ticket
Ronnie Jack : Okay.
Ronnie Jack : Thank you for your patience.
Ronnie Jack : I understand from the previous session that Touchpad button is very sensitivity and the left click button is broken.Am I correct?
Tracy Lee : yes
Ronnie Jack : Thank you for confirming that.
Ronnie Jack : Have you tried any troubleshooting steps?
Tracy Lee : yes, tried all of them. this is my 5th call, you’re the 6th
Ronnie Jack : Okay.
Ronnie Jack : Tracy, at this point there are 2 options available to fix this.
Tracy Lee : I am a professional photographer
Ronnie Jack : 1.Perform full recovery to resolve all the software issues on the notebook.
Ronnie Jack : 2.Send the notebook to us and we will take care of it to fix the issues.
Tracy Lee : I travel for a living and am never in the same place for more than 2 days
Tracy Lee : option 1 doesn’t fix my touchpad issues
Ronnie Jack : Alright.
Tracy Lee : this has been the issie
Tracy Lee : issue
Ronnie Jack : In this case, the best option is to send the notebook to us for the repair service so that we will take care and resolve all the issues on the notebook.
Tracy Lee : and I can’t get correct information out of anyone
Ronnie Jack : The repair service would take around 7-9 business days.
Tracy Lee : I am going to repeat to you
Tracy Lee : I travel for a living
Ronnie Jack : I can understand your situation.
Tracy Lee : i am never in the same place for more than 2 days
Tracy Lee : I use my laptop ALL the time
Tracy Lee : 7 days a week
Ronnie Jack : In this case, then the alternative is to contact the nearest HP Authorized Service center and get it repaired.
Ronnie Jack : These are the only options available.
Tracy Lee : the blue screen issue has been a problem for 7 months
Tracy Lee : and I contacted one, and they want to charge me for the repair
Tracy Lee : it’s still covered under warranty
Tracy Lee : and after being on the phone for the last 45 minutes, I was just disconnected
Ronnie Jack : Yes, the notebook is under warranty with us directly.
Tracy Lee : I was having a conversation with a supervisor
Ronnie Jack : The repair service would be free of charge from our side only.
Ronnie Jack : We regret for that.
Tracy Lee : and this is where I’m having an issue
Ronnie Jack : In this case, the best option is to cotnact our phone support and ask for the Case Manager.
Tracy Lee : on call #4, I waited over 30 minutes and the supervisor I spoke with gave me information abotu speaking with a hp authorized service center
Tracy Lee : he didn’t tell me I would pay out of pocket
Ronnie Jack : He would be the best person to resolve this issue for you.
Tracy Lee : he also didn’t let me know that the service center only works on software
Tracy Lee : not hardward
Tracy Lee : hardware
Tracy Lee : so there
Tracy Lee : there’s nothing that can be done to solve my touch pad issue.
Tracy Lee : without sending it in.
Tracy Lee : can you look and see if they’ve sent my charger off yet?
Tracy Lee : or even put in the order for it?
Tracy Lee : i’ve had to borrow chargers to even work
Tracy Lee : if you look, the misinformation I have been given has been absolutely ridiculous
Tracy Lee : and the fact that I was disconnected, and the supervisor didmt
Tracy Lee : call me back??
Ronnie Jack : Not to worry, I will arrange the shipment of the free AC adapter for your notebook however it would take around 3-5 business days.
Tracy Lee : they told me they were going to overnight it
Tracy Lee : more misinformation
Tracy Lee : if they had put in the order last night, like they were supposed to,
Tracy Lee : I would have a charger when I got back to vegas on monday before I leave to drive cross country
Ronnie Jack : I am sorry, it would not be possible for the shipment of the AC adapter overnight.
Ronnie Jack : It would take around 3-5 business days.
Ronnie Jack : Everything can be taken care if you send the notebook to us for the repair service.
Ronnie Jack : I can assure you that all the issues will be resolved however it would take 7-9 business days.
Ronnie Jack : Else, you would need to contact the nearest HP authorized Service center and get it repaired.
Ronnie Jack : Let me kbow your option.
Ronnie Jack : know*
Tracy Lee : sorry
Tracy Lee : I realize that, but thats a huge issue
Tracy Lee : so we discussed sending me a box at the end of the month and I send my laptop to you guys on the 30th
Tracy Lee : its the ONLY week I’m home in the next 2 months
Ronnie Jack : I can understand that however I have provided you with all the possible options.
Tracy Lee : and in the midst of that conversation was when I got disconnected
Tracy Lee : she said it would take 3-4 days to be repaird.
Ronnie Jack : Sure.
Tracy Lee : and that it would be overnighted there and back
Tracy Lee : was she lying to me?
Tracy Lee : I am a fight photographer
Tracy Lee : I am shooting 6+ fights this month
Tracy Lee : I also build websites
Tracy Lee : so there
Tracy Lee : s
Tracy Lee : not 1 day at all in my life that i’m not working
Ronnie Jack : We can make the processor faster with paying some extra amount.
Ronnie Jack : In that case, the repair service would be 4-6 business days.
Tracy Lee : so she lied to me
Tracy Lee : awesome
Tracy Lee : how can I escalate this
Tracy Lee : Ov
Tracy Lee : i’m so over this
Ronnie Jack : However, the free repair service would take around 7-9 business days.
Ronnie Jack : The only way this can be done is to contact the Case Manager and he will be the best person to resolve this.
Tracy Lee : how do I contact the case manager?
Tracy Lee : at this point I am over HP
Ronnie Jack : Please contact our Phone support for the Case Manager and I am sure he will be able to resovle this.
Tracy Lee : I have a pretty big voice on the internet.. not huge, but enough that I’m going to start blogging a lot about this
Ronnie Jack : We regret for the inconvenience and these are the only options available.
Tracy Lee : every call i’ve made to care has been over 30 minutes and includes them trying to troubleshoot with me
Ronnie Jack : Here is the contact number of our Phone support : 1-800-474-6836.
Tracy Lee : I have the number
Tracy Lee : I have called 5 times/
Ronnie Jack : You can just call and provide the Service ticket number as reference and ask for the Case Manager.
Ronnie Jack : They will assist you further.
Ronnie Jack : Is there anything else from my side I can assist you with?
Tracy Lee : I provided the ticket # and asked to speak with the supervisor
Tracy Lee : and been given the runaround
Tracy Lee : you think it’s ok the lies and misinformation I have been told/
Tracy Lee : ?
Tracy Lee : I don’t think its appropriate..
Tracy Lee : Not saying by you, but everyone else..
Tracy Lee : And have you put in the order for the charger?
Ronnie Jack : No, the Case Manager would be definitely able to resolve this so contact him through Phone support and they will assist you further.
Ronnie Jack : Contact the Case Manager and everything would be taken care.
Tracy Lee : no, please put in my order for my cahrger
Tracy Lee : charger
Ronnie Jack : Anything else that I can help you with now?
Tracy Lee : this is getting ridiculous. I need a charger.
Ronnie Jack : Tracy, you need to contact the Phone support for further assistance.
Ronnie Jack : Thank you for contacting HP Total Care Real-Time chat support. If you need further assistance, please contact us again at:


Chat support is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Ronnie Jack : Take care and Bye.
Tracy Lee : So you’re telling me that you were putting in my order for a charger
Tracy Lee : and now you are not??

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  1. @mstracylee I shall need your assistance regarding a camera purchase. You are my tech genius when it comes to cameras :)

  2. You are a pro photographer, get a fuckon

  3. To fix ur blue screen go to cmd prompt type chkdsk c: /r It will ask if u want to do it on next boot hit yes and reboot I work for an hp rep 90% of the time check disk will fix the problems.

  4. @mstracylee That doesn’t sound like fun at all! I hope you get it worked out soon!

  5. @TSIACommunity u guys gave them an award for customer service! don’t you find this of concern at all?

  6. @mstracylee And Tracy, if there is anything we can do for you (put you in touch with someone) please let us know! Happy to!

  7. @mstracylee Yes, unfortunate when customers aren’t satisfied. Awards are based on many things tho, not whether companies are infallible

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