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Can you believe this sonnen/silva faceoff pic?

Wow, there’s some serious trash between those two! Anderson wouldn’t even look at Chael during their faceoff.Thiago didn’t successfully make weight so is subject to 20% deduction from his purse.

Who are you picking in this event??

Chael or Anderson?
Thiago or Fitch?
Almeida or Hughes?
Junior or Roy?

Click the photo below to view the pics:

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  1. @mstracylee I hope Chael Sonnen beats him so bad he doesnt remember his own name.

  2. @mstracylee I can’t wait to see this fight and then see your awesome pics from it!

  3. @bdsquarepants thank u!!

  4. @mstracylee who u thinks gonna win tonmorrow.. Anderson or Sonnen?

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