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Yes, I ate this for breakfast…

Hawaiian eggs and spam… And it was amazing!!

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  1. @mstracylee Wow! A woman who eats Spam!!

  2. @mstracylee spam is the best! Yum !

  3. @mstracylee that breakfast looks yummy, esp the spam!

  4. @mstracylee Gotta top it off w/ gravy

  5. @mstracylee Love Spam and Eggs! That looks good!

  6. @mstracylee what are Hawaiian eggs?

  7. @Brand0nMH lol, hawaiian style- eggs and spam over rice

  8. @mstracylee lol, I thought you found special eggs from Hawaiian chickens.

  9. @mstracylee hey i got my tank top today thanks for send it its awsome =) just like you

  10. @mstracylee what makes those eggs hawaiin? Do they hate white people?

  11. @LawlorMMA you’re too late with that, lol…

  12. @mstracylee forgive me, I’ve been sleeping/recovering/driving to key west all day. My brain is barely intact

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