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I love it when biz meetings are in bikinis like this..

And poolside next to lagoons..

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  1. @mstracylee I’m clearly in the wrong kind of business. lol

  2. @mstracylee I love it when meetings are like that too, but sadly none of mine ever are…..

  3. @mstracylee Honestly, that’s hard not to love Ms Lee…

  4. @mstracylee jealous!

  5. That pedigree to the tacks was amnaizg because it actually fit the character of Triple H. He was the Cerebral Assassin and all, so going from gawking at Cactus Jack kicking of of the pedigree to simply standing behind the tacks and doing it into them as a Goddamnit, stay down! was awesome.There were periods where Triple H being around didn’t lead to me eye-rolling at his presence. This is one, and maybe when he first came back from the quad injury. Though you should be wary of that moment, especially if you can’t stand the period where the WWF/E was obsessed with odd melody pop rock (see also the My Sacrifice video)

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