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Hey www.glamgirlswimwear.com !

Thank you for custom making me the bikini I’m wearing @barelv today!

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About Tracy Lee

Isn't this site enough about me? You still need to know more than you already do??


  1. @mstracylee mucho nice

  2. @mstracylee Hey tracy did you do any mma gigs this weekend? Was kind of quiet no

  3. @mstracylee your body is amazing and I like that bikini on you!

  4. @mstracylee you look f’ng awesome Tracy! Good job!

  5. @mmabjj4life nope!! just worked on a super secret project!!

  6. @mstracylee damn T you’re kinda hot! ; p

  7. @mstracylee :)

  8. @mstracylee damn girl!!!!

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