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This is a weird set up tonight!

But its a lot of fun to be here!

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  1. @mstracylee Seriously envy your life! If you ever need an assistant let me know. Might be over qualified, but love’d to work with you!

  2. It sure is..hope ta see ya! RT @mstracylee: This is a weird set up tonight!: But its a lot of fun to be here!… #fb

  3. That was the worst set up of all time, at Strike force, freekin stage left and right platforms, security guards that couldnt tell you where to be, but wanted you away from them.

    That was the WORST!!!!!
    im sure it wasnt better for the audience, front row was actually lower than the cage, so when they went to the ground, the first two rows couldn’t see them, and they paid the most money….stupid

    and this was so unorganized.
    four emails changing the time the credential pick up was.

    heres the question of the night

    uh door 4
    wheres door 4
    im not sure check with will call
    will call: there is no door four, check around back.

    around back: this door is not for media

    ME; then where do I go?

    Im not sure, check around front

    Around Front: did you try around back


    then I would go to will call

    Also, the bleachers behind the cage, made it look like a choir was supposed to sit there…stupid..again.

    Im hoping, the next time strikeforce holds an event in LA again they find a better venue, their last one was at the playboy mansion…that was cool for me and the 200 other people that were there…

    Trayce hands down you are the hottest thing behind a lens….c u in San Jose

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