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When I look my activities over the past week in Vegas…

I know that I really did a lot of stuff. But when I relive it in my head, I feel like I just dicked around for 8 days.. I can’t complain; I really have quite a bit to show for my week:

I built 2 websites
I maintained about 15 others
I played with photoshop.
I went out 2 nights.
I made some new friends
I did some photoshop tutorials.
I went to the pool 2 days and got a tan.
I avoided my ex boyfriend successfully for 3 days while he was in vegas.
I failed at that the last part of Sunday (not quite sure how that happened;I was running evasive maneuvers like a pro!)
I played with photoshop.
I went out to lunch with friends.
I hung out with said ex for the evening and had GREAT closure (things hadn’t ended good before). Now I think we will be friends again.
I saw KICK ASS! I wore a cape while doing so. It was KICK ASS!
I planned 2 fight preparties.
I promoted another fight preparty.
I watched the Mayweather/Mosely fight.
I caught up with friends.
I kept pretty faithful on my diet.
I sent out sponsor proposals.
I played with photoshop.
I went to the gym 6 out of 8 days.
Did I mention that I played with photoshop?
I tried to motivate a friend to follow his passion.
I played with photoshop some more.

See, when I write it all out, I feel like I did a lot. But when I look back, I feel like I spent the entire 8 days messing around on Facebook. Lol, facebook will be my downfall!!

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  1. I wish I had time to play with photoshop, in fact I have to go….. Miss ya in Sac!

  2. @mstracylee yo Tracy how do I get a job like yours?

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