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This is a GORGEOUS day to be jumping puddles..

Look at how blue the sky is and how puffy the clouds are! I wish I was out by the pool in my bikini. Speaking of bikinis, did u guys check out the pics yet??

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  1. @mstracylee Ms. Tracy… You should check the article…pretty good..

  2. @JMonkovian resend the link with a space behind it. I can’t click that right now cause all the periods

  3. @mstracylee Sorry about that

  4. @mstracylee It is my friends first article on MMA….Simple but good… Thanks for checking it out…. She was in on teleconference…

  5. @JMonkovian I didn’t check it out- u messed up the link. Resend please

  6. @mstracylee I am so sorry..The website is “” and the article is called. “Hungry for Blood” by Angelica Castillo

  7. @mstracylee She is a fan of yours and she has mentioned that you inspire her….
    I really am sorry for not posting it right…

  8. @mstracylee are u already in montreal for the ufc, or are u stopping by here in Boston for Bellatour?

  9. @mstracylee I really hope that helps…..i honestly didn’t meant to waste any of your time…..

  10. @Ryan_Croft was supposed to go to boston but that got cancelled

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