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My late night cheat…

All day yesterday I got dragged to places that sold smoked meat. Its kinda like pastrami but montreal’s own amazing version of it. Well, after eating a tiny bit of ryan loco’s at ruebens, and some fries, and then half a sandwich at schwartz’s, I finished off the night at dunn’s where denis and I split a reuben. So I really only ate one full sandwich, and a bunch of fries over the course of the day, but today I am suffering. I am severely dehydrated and took hours to drag myself out of bed. I am just slow going today and I believe it has to do with the sodium. I topped it off with a piece of carrot cake that denis and I shared. I’m in trouble cause team kimbo wants to go to schwartzs tonight!

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  1. @mstracylee it wasn’t the sodium that had you draggin’ ass

  2. @mstracylee I admire your strong will. There’s no way I could hold off on that delicious looking meat haha

  3. MissPrincessTee

    @mstracylee I made it to MTL! I’m off to creep your site to find out where the parties are at. You’re a fabulous information source.

  4. MissPrincessTee

    @mstracylee twitter shut me down lol. Can’t DM you cuz you’re not following me. But yah, I’m in. Kristy Tremblay +1 if possbile. Thnx hun!

  5. @mstracylee I know that shouldn’t sound dirty…but it does :) hahaha!

  6. As a local MTLer I am extremely proud of you to have hit so many smoked meat places. You have truly embraced the city lol!

    So now comes the real question! Which smoked meat did you like the best?

  7. @MissPrincessTee got it!

  8. @mstracylee I admire your strong will. There’s no way I could hold off on that delicious looking meat haha

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