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I’ve never seen rainbow colored soap I don’t think…

Didn’t make the pool today and don’t think I will although I’m dressed and ready for it. So instead, I came to the car wash and it just sprayed out rainbow colored soap. Weird!!!

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  1. Aw don’t put U’re car through a machined carwash…Always go to a handwash place..they do ALOT better of a job then a machine could ever do PLUS they don’t mess up U’re paint like machine washes do. LoL!

  2. Caramelbrother

    @mstracylee Thought you were in Vegas not San Fran?

  3. Angelica_Castle

    @mstracylee Hey seriously….what’s the hotbod criteria?

  4. aguilarruperto

    @mstracylee what you think @joerogan @danawhite @MFG16

  5. aguilarruperto

    @mstracylee sorry first one didnt work @KimboSlice @joerogan @danawhite @MFG16

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