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UFC Fight Night Afterparty Pics! @kenny_florian @ranger_up @clayguida @krismccray

After the fights we headed over to Ranger Up’s party at The Fox and Hound. They were hosting Jorge Rivera’s after fight celebration. They had a number of wounded soldiers on hand to help Jorge celebrate! We rounded the corner to meet up with Clay at Alley Cat’s but he had left so the entire group made their way over to Suite where we saw many of the fighters from the card that night!

Click the photo below to view all the pics:

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  1. @mstracylee How’s things on the West Coast?

  2. @JoshDCarey haha,just been here a day & a half, & leave again sunday.. happy to be home for a minute!gonna get crazy on the travel shortly!

  3. @mstracylee Crazy schedule! Travel starts for me at SF/Nash & WEC48. April is a crazy month

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