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My Workout today…

My weight is a bit high for me (I weighed in at 158.1 yesterday) but definitely to be expected after all the travel lately. I have really good muscle memory and am pretty good at dropping back down fast.

Today is day 3 since I’ve been home (although I did work out while I was in Sac twice) and it was Shoulder, Chest and Tri day. Everyone’s been asking, so here’s my workout. I don’t pretend to know what I’m really doing so don’t criticize too much. I use low weights, and lots of reps.

I did 6 different exercises, alternating between two exercises for each “set”. I did chest and triceps my first set. I did 17 reps on the bench (just the bar, 45lbs), and then 17 reps on a dumbbell tricep exercise (one dumbbell, 10lbs). I don’t rest in between each set or exercise; I just do them all back to back.

The minute I was done with those, the incline bench I had been waiting for came free. So I alternated this time between a 4 part shoulder dumbbell exercise (a total of 60 reps each set, 2 dumbbells, 5lbs each) and a chest dumbbell exercise (15 reps each set, 2 dumbbells, 15lbs each). Again no rest in between for 3 sets each.

I finished off with another tricep dumbbell exercise (15 reps each set, 2 dumbbells, 15 lbs each) and another shoulder dumbbell exercise (15 reps each set, 2 dumbbells, 15 lbs each) on the same incline bench. Its a bench that you can adjust to sit straight up and down for a shoulder press or lay back.

By doing these exercises with no break in between, by the time I hit the cardio machines, my heart rate is already up. I picked the elliptical today and did 30 minutes and kept my heart rate up around 160.

I did the whole workout in about an hour. I never do specifically do abs, I just try and flex mine as I lift my weights and also as I do my cardio.

When I was done working out, my weight was 156.1- 2lbs down from yesterday, and I had weighed myself around the same time.

Any questions?

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  1. @mstracylee u r fine just the way/weight u r!

  2. @Heelz6t9 I appreciate that, but I still wanna stay in shape.. I don’t have too much to go!

  3. @mstracylee Keep kicking ass ringside and beyond!

  4. @punchdrunkMMA thanks hon!! hope you’re well??

  5. @mstracylee I’m alive and well. Family is alive and well. What else can one ask for? Hope the same is true for you! Remain an inspiration!

  6. Tracy how tall are you? I’ve been doing a lot of cardio myself, but you’ve got me thinking I need to mix it up in the weight room myself! And I’m gonna need to work on that ab flex thing- I can’t believe you have abs like yours without ever specifically working on them!

  7. i’m 5’6″ and I used to think weights weren’t necessary but I LOVE lifting now. I go really light on the weights (to the point I feel stupid sometimes) and every time I think I’m ready to add more weight, I just add a couple more reps and i’m back to a point where I feel like I’m working hard again. I also do an ab workout on the stair stepper- for a minute at a time, instead of holding on with both hands, I drop one hand and turn to the side and look back and I work my obliques.. I’ll do this a couple times during a 30 min session. I also push my hips forward when I’m straight on to work on my lower abs. No one taught me any of that so I can’t say for sure it works, but it works for me!

  8. Sounds like you made good use of the hour. What is your goal weight?

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