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Made it!!! …. Barely!!!

I came back to the airport with over an hour to make it before takeoff. Security was a bit intense (I didn’t have ANY metal on me yet the detector went off) and I was full frontal frisked by a female officer. They were very friendly after they ascertained that I was not a threat. I still had to go through immigration and this is where things got a little crazy. When I left the airport earlier and went through customs, they quickly looked at my passport and let me through. They DID NOT stamp my passport! I didn’t notice until I went to go through immigration and they searched every page of my passport for said stamp. I’m lucky I keep all my boarding passes because they asked for the original flight in ticket, as well as another form of ID. They laughed at my california drivers license; well what other kind of ID would I be carrying or own than my passport or drivers license??? Needless to say, they finally let me by and I spent the last €7 I had (only pulled 20 out for my little field trip) and made it to my gate. We should have already boarded but I’m still sitting patiently in the waiting area.

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