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Breakfast overlooking the ocean..

Since I have an executive suite on the 20th floor, I get to eat breakfast free in the executive lounge on the 21st floor. Look at the amazing spread! And anyone who knows me knows I LOVE breakfast buffets.. I just ate one of the most amazing omlettes of my life which I think is odd because I always order the same one. Do you think the situation in which I’m eating it makes it taste better? They offer an english breakfast which I am used to getting in london and australia, was surprised to see it here. I am also drinking something I have never had before; does anyone know what it is? Seems to be an orange slice,blueberry and some red small berry in orange juice on top of strawberry juice? I was given a drink of lemon juice and mint last night when I checked in and this was equally as amazing!

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  1. @mstracylee Looks like your enjoying yourself!

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