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A night on the town with ATT!

Mike Brown picked me up from the Aiport on Thursday morning and we grabbed some bagels (no lox or cream cheese thank you!) on our way to American Top Team. The weather was absolutely beautiful with a slight hint of humidity in the air. I can’t stand humidity so I was thankful and enjoyed the warm weather. We were there at 11 and as my eyes adjusted to entering the gym from the outside I noticed most of the fighters had not yet arrived although we were exactly on time. I socialized with many of my friends there as the guys trickled in for Bloquieo, their tuesday and thursday sparring session. I wandered around the gym shooting random shots (as you can see here, lol). Many members of the MMA Media had arrived to the gym and were conducting interviews of the guys that day. Mike Brown and I took off after training to go pick up his buddies at the airport. We had enough time to pick them up, take them back to Mike’s house, and eat before we headed back to ATT for Mike’s evening training session. Instead of shooting photos, I grabbed a quick workout. Mike and I had dinner at a mongolian BBQ spot before heading back to his house (packed with guests for the weekend) to get ready for the night. Denis Kang showed up to join the sleepover at 10pm and we were all out the door to The Living Room in Ft Lauderdale by Midnight.. We had a huge crew that met up with us including Thiago Alves, Cole Miller, King Mo, and more! And to my surprise, they had the club bring out a birthday cake with a candle that said 19 on it. Look how funny Thiago looks with a birthday hat on!! Mike Brown jumped behind the bar, ripped off his shirt, and began serving drinks. He had NO clue what he was pouring, but was having an absolute blast doing it!! lol.. We finished off the night with a 4am pizza run.. I don’t care what you say Denis, you don’t have a cure for Asian Glow!! thanks for the impromptu birthday party, guys!!

Check out all the pics by clicking the photo below!!

-Tracy Lee
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