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More Pics from Florida for Strikeforce!

Day 2 in Florida, I headed into ATT with all the guys at 11am for the 12am practice. They worked wrestling in the cage with a few of the other guys and Liborio. After practice, we took off to a small Brazilian BBQ spot and grubbed before heading out to Sunrise, FL to check into my hotel and head to weigh ins. We ran into a bunch of the other ATT guys in the parking lot and I rounded them up for a group photo before heading in to hit the weigh ins. Afterward, I grabbed a ride back to the hotel where I quickly got ready and met Dan Henderson downstairs to head out for the night. We met up with a group of friends including Scott Smith. Because the ProBowl was in town, we ended up with and saw a lot of football players as we hopped around from spot to spot till we called it a night at 4am.

Click the photo below to view the pics!

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