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I hate TSA!!

I understand they're here to keep us safe, but they're so inconsistent!! I fly and check my lighting equipment in a golf bag. I fly with that golf bag, complete with portable battery. Its a crap shoot every time I fly- once they cut the wires and left them loose and sparking and I never know whether my equipment will be intact when I land. Well today I made it through security and was casually sitting at the gate when I got called to the podium. Tsa made me go all the way back to ticketing to disconnect the battery and tape the wires. I've NEVER had to do that, but if I had, I would come to the airport with the wires already disconnected. I am sweating profusely and am now boarding as the last passenger on my flight. Thankfully, I have my bag confirmed on the plane and am now sitting in my seat as we taxi to the runway. Not quite the way I planned on starting my morning!

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