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My first pair of glasses..huge problems!

I have pretty bad eyesite and have been wearing contacts (color ones) since I was 15. That's the last time I had glasses… Yesterday I woke up and was unable to get my contacts in my eyes without it feeling like I poured gasoline into them. Well, anticipating leaving today for memphis, I knew I had to have a back up plan so I rushed to get a pair of glasses. Turns out that I am sensitive to polycarbonate lenses and these glasses make me dizzy to do ANYTHING although I can see. I haven't ever been in a situation like this but I have learned one thing. Its severely affecting my productivity and desire to get things done. I have spent much of the last 2 days in my bed on my computer. Driving is not impossible, but again, the weird dizziness is an issue. I never realized how much my eyesite correlates to my motivation and self confidence, but now I do and am seriously going to look into lasik when I get home next week. Anyone else go through similar issues? And can I make a suggestion to anyone that has site problems? If you can afford to, get them taken care of!!! You'll notice a huge difference in your lifestyle!

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