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And I thought I was going to slow down on traveling..

I spent a good part of today trying to plan out the travel I am going to be doing for the next few months, and GEEZ!!! I’m going to be doing a ton!

Headed to Colorado sunday to go snowboarding for a few days before getting home in time for the MMA Awards and UFC 108.

Then headed up to Sacramento for WEC 46 on Sunday the 10th. and taking off immediatly to VA for UFC Fight Night on monday the 11th.

I head to Miami in end of January for Strikeforce and head back to Vegas to celebrate my birthday, UFC 109, and Superbowl.

Soon after that I’m contemplating going to Thailand on my way to Australia for UFC 110. Or else I may do thailand on the way back. I wouldn’t mind hitting a full moon party on the first of March..

I’ll get home for a few days and then head to Ohio for WEC 47 and the Arnold.. Nothing planned for mid march yet, but then off to New Jersey for UFC 111. After that I think I’m going to make a stop in Istanbul to visit friends on my way to Abu Dhabi for UFC 112..

And, there’s one or two more fights that they don’t have locations listed for yet, so I’m not even sure where the hell that’s gonna take me yet!

I’m getting tired just thinking about it… Wow!

-Tracy Lee
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