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This piece of chicken won't go away!!

So I decide to BBQ last night for some of my girlfriends… Granted it was after midnight, but I’ve definitely done much odder things than that…. All of the chicken turned out great except for this one piece that decided to catch on fire! So I threw the piece away in the trash. This morning, I came downstairs to take the trash out to the street in time for the trashman to pick it up and said piece of chicken was on the floor. I looked at it oddly, picked it up and placed it in the the trash bag and took all the trash out to the street. Moments later, the garbage was picked up and I didn’t think anything more of it.

I just went outside to retrieve the trash cans, and next to one of them on the ground was the same damn piece of chicken!!!! “”What the fuzzy bunny???” I thought to myself… “why am I being haunted by this piece of chicken?” I put it into the now empty trashcan and pulled it into the garage. I am now stuck with the piece of chicken and it’s many more opportunities to haunt me until next Tuesday morning!!!

I hope this is the end of my burnt chicken story… I will keep you informed in case it starts showing up more random places!

-Tracy Lee
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