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I wore a thong leotard on Wednesday…

I had a short break off the Tapout tour so I headed home after a couple days debriefing at Tapout Headquarters and a photoshoot with Dan Henderson. In spite of the fact I was only home for a day, I planned one of my infamous BBQ’s!! Well, not sure if people were going to get involved on such short notice, I notified all my friends that the theme was 80s aerobic and dance. Well, everyone showed up ready; here are the photos to prove it (and my thong leotard!!)!

click the picture below (yes, thats a pyramid! This really happened!) to view the entire album!!!

and if you want to see the video, click below.. we streamed it live from my house. I suggest skipping forward in the vid.. It gets good just at 46:30 and again at 1:03:00!!

-Tracy Lee
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