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Nick & Nate Diaz' gym in Lodi

I'm finally here! Been trying to find a time to meet up with these two boys and shoot their gym.. A couple days in sacramento and numerous texts and I am here!!

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  1. I would love to learn from some of the worlds best.

  2. Please give me an address

  3. just moved to losi and was interested in checking out the gym. wheres it located?

  4. i have a 22 yr old pro fighter,looking to get him some other gyms to do some training,he fights at 155 and 4-1 pro if you could mail me back some info on your school,location, schedule,cost andother info it would greatly appreciated

    thanks for your time

  5. Dear Nick Diaz, writing to you to share to you, don’t ever give up your to young, your inshape, is out standing, you neeed to get you kick up to powerful speed, you need to get you punch up to powerful speed, and you will be the winner, so, you got the wind, huge lungs, you need to make a super kick, a very powerful kick, were when you kick an apponet, you lift them three feet up off the ground, or they are so affair of any move your going to make, because you out to win. you see Nick you have to specialize in one powerful technique, you got the ground, when you need it, thank GOD yu got that much. But you have to have a very powerful kick, a very fast and powerful kick, a round house nothing foolish, stright forward, nothing foolish, no mistakes no time to waste, something to waste your componet, clean out of the ring, so that technique, will take at least one yea to develope. when you fought your last apponet your kicks were slow and to far away, but yu have a awsome technique, wher when you through you kicks you can not see them comming, maybe its your natural pause but its enough to get inside and fake the hell out of you apponet. I can not do what you do Nick, ad millions of others can,t do what tou do, but there is room for improvement so you can be our state and city champion. So wen you lost against Saint Peair or how evr you spell his name, after it was all over, you spoken grat, and you played by their rules not to be a winner and cheat yourself out of the money Great Job, but you spoke out awsome, it was like yourat the end of your rope you have tried everything, and thats all you can give, but it’s not over for yu, so get back to work and hang in their, how ever you felt that was normal outcome, be a great champion be good to the fans be good to the business, be a complete package. I hopeI have imspired you Nick Diaz, I hope I did not say anything to upset you I am just communicating to you to be a CHAMPION, a powerful CHAMPION. So give it another chance, and get back into the RING, but keep trainning, create a powerful kick if it takes you a whole year, also create a powerful knockout punch, then get back in their and take all home our CHAMPION DIAZ Family. Then if it don’t work try again, until it happens no mattr how many times you loose, and speak up your COOL Diaz, let us hear you heart and wahts on your mind but be a gentalman at. GOOD LUCK. sincere, Carnel

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