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I’m not a huge fan of the bar area but I had a blast yesterday and last night. On 2 hours of sleep, I got in my car and drove here from Vegas with 2hours to spare before weigh ins. Well I got up to my hotel room and closed my eyes for a second and then opened them and it was 1:20.What?!?! I rushed to get ready and then made weigh ins in time to sit around for an hour and wait for them to start! Weigh ins took forever (like they usually do if it’s not a UFC event) and then I went and grabbed food with Bader, CB and Gary before meeting up for dinner (yes again, lol) with the guys from Dethrone Clothing.. After that I headed down to the city to meet up with my buddies from SF as well as CB, Bader, Jamie and Gary.. The night was a ton of fun and there are tons of pics to from it.. Click the picture below to check em out!

Strikeforce Shamrock vs Diaz: After the Weigh Ins

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