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2 steps forward, 1 step back

Everyday that goes by, I get farther and farther from the pain. Or so I think. And then it hits me again as if it were just yesterday. I know what I need to do to move forward, but that doesn’t stop me from slipping backwards to where I was. The tears are more infrequent, but they still tend to fall. It’s frustrating knowing that something I wanted so badly slipped out of my reach.

And each day I move forward and feel good about myself.
And each day I look back, and wipe the tears from my eyes.
And each day I know that better things are to come.
And each day I realize how much that I have lost.
And each day I wish for a happy ending.
And each day I see the empty spot beside me.

And a tear rolls down my face remembering what was once there. And will never be again.

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