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I"m back for a minute…

Tampa was fun, thanks to all of my friends. I’m still sad though… I appreciate all my friends support, especially Brynn, Josh, and Bruce… Sorry if your shoulders are a bit salty..

If you wanna read about my adventures in Tampa, go ahead and click the picture below.. I embark on my next adventure later tonight after hitting dinner and the Criss Angel show… I haven’t heard the best stuff about the show, but it’s probably good to help keep my mind off of things… I’m sure i’ll have fun, I always manage to!

Now there’s one thing that totally would make me happy, and yesterday I got fully denied.. An acai bowl at Jamba Juice!! They had them in Florida, but it hasn’t hit the west coast yet!! Damn them, what a friggin’ tease!!!

Would you click the photo already??

UFN 17: The Aftermath
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