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Against all odds…

I stayed in last night!! Can my friends from out of town leave yet?? lol They want to go out every night that they’re here!!

Other than having to give Los a ride to his car yesterday evening (I live in between him and where his car was at), and a stop at my favorite fast food spot, Samurai Sams, I managed to spend the rest of the evening on my couch watching TV and movies by myself. I cuddled up in my brand new blanket and sat there and worked on my laptop and tell you the truth, I couldn’t have been happier. Oh, except for the fact that my DVD player wouldn’t turn on. I have no clue what’s the matter with it. Oh well, thank god I bought it at Costco!!

I watched Sleepless in Seattle, but didn’t realize that was what I was watching. I just thought they were making a play on the old movie that I had never seen. I thought the movie was so cute that I googled “Meg Ryan” & “Tom Hanks” to find out that it WAS Sleepless in Seattle. Did you know that Med Ryan and Tom Hanks have been in 3 movies together???

I had also been delaying on purchasing my flight to Ireland. Amazingly enough, it’s about 9 days away, and I was still able to get a killer deal on the flight. People keep complaining about how the economy is, but shit, everything is gettig cheaper! I haven’t been able to fill my tank on my car for under 25 bucks in at LEAST 5 years. (do I sound old now for saying that?) Regardless, I’m excited to be going to Ireland for UFC. It’s my second time over the pond to Europe and I’m quite excited about it.

I don’t really have any interesting photos to share today because I didn’t do anything yesterday! Yay! lol

Here’s some pics of me and Los at Samurai Sams… YummMMmmm!!

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