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The first part of my week last week….

The Most Brutal Night of Fights I have ever seen.

I shot 5 fights over the course of a week and a half. So it’s taken me a moment to catch up on all the photos and blogs that I have been working on. First is the blog from Victory Fighting Championships on December 5th. This was a fun show with a good turnout and good production as well. I was surprised at how many UFC and former UFC fighters were there. My only complaint was the 11 degree weather. Contrary to popular belief, I like Omaha. I still think the city is dead though. You can read about it here:

I was back in Vegas on Saturday in time to check out Grappler’s Quest. I met up with the some of the guys from Xtreme couture to shoot them competing. I also caught some photos of a few other matches while I was there. The event was fun to check out and was my first grappling event. Hopefully not my last.

Monday Night, I caught the Red eye to Fayetteville, NC where I saw the most brutal night of fights I have ever seen. Here is the story of my experience of everything that went down.

I wish I could say that my blogging is done for the day, but I have 2 more events to blog about. Hope you enjoy these, and I will try to have the others done by tomorrow!

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