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Thanksgiving was fun..

Ok, so this week didn’t start off hot, but its ending quite a bit better.. Thanksgiving was a blast over at the Tompkin’s house. A ton of the fighters from Xtreme Couture and their families were there. I dragged Neil and Erich kicking and screaming but they ended up having a good time. Dinner took a long time and considering I didn’t eat at all in anticipation, I was STARVING!! Finally, dinner was done, and we were wolfing down food… You can find pictures from the evening here:

After, Neil, Erich and I headed over to the strip and hopped around from casino to casino to find the perfect place for us to gamble.. We finally settled in at New York, NY and Neil started playing Crazy 4 poker with $200.. And as he won I kept sticking $25 chips into my pocket until he cashed out almost $500 bucks! It was a cool end to a good thanksgiving day.. Check out those pics here:

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