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Steel Panther….

Yesterday started off simple and slow.. We went and grabbed breakfast at The Lodge, and took Little Bear to the park.. Little Bear was a bit freaked out about the other dogs in the park, but I think she’ll get used to them soon..

It’s weird how fast a day can disappear really. I got back and got some of the Thanksgiving photos loaded and then took off to the gym. I was back to meet Neil and Erich around 9.

Erich wanted to take Neil and I to dinner. It was a thanks to me for helping to find their new house.. I wanted to see Steel Panther perform (formerly Metal Shop, and Metal Skool) at Green Valley Ranch so we made plans to have dinner at King’s Fishhouse. Well they had closed early so we walked across to Lucille’s BBQ and had a fantastic meal of chicken, ribs, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes and more!

We were running late getting out there because the website had said that the show was going to start at 11. We were there right before 12 and they told us 12:30. Neil and Erich wanted to gamble so we sat down and I watched them lose their money..

We adjourned back to the Ovation theater where apparently all the guys we passed were staring at my boobs enough to piss both Neil and Erich off… It was so crowded in there that we could barely move and were constantly getting bumped into. One guy grabbed me as he was walking by to let me know he thought I was hot. Kinda crazy because that guy doesn’t know who I’m there with and he did it right behind Neil and Erich’s backs..

They both loved the show but it was well after 130 and we were all over it. So we walked back to Valet and headed home… oh, I forgot to mention that some drunk chick ran directly into my camera and managed to break it for the night so I got one photo at Steel Panther.. Here’s the rest of the pics from yesterday:

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