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On the road…

I've been driving through the desert, dreaming of hitting the stop in kramer where I would get a subway sandwich and hit the bathroom, and continue on the road. So the line for suway is huge and then I notice that the guy behind the counter is equally as huge… And jared pops in my head and I wonder if this is jared's brother, and if he's going to lose weight working at subway, or is there too many tempting items that will in fact make him gain more weight. He's tall, and he engaged in conversation with every single one of the customers including myself… I took that time to realize that he's quite young, early 20's at most.. I assumed over 30 at first.. I also kept getting caught looking back at him when I was paying for my foot long ham sandwich on honey oat (no I'm not eating the whole thing in one sitting!) As I determined that if he lost the weight he'd in fact be a good looking kid… My sister chose to go with gastric bypass, and with the size this guy was I wouldn't even hesitate to suggest the same to him.. Good luck jared's little brother!! May the force be with you!!

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