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No chick flicks!

I made sure becca knew this as I texted her from the plane leaving San Diego.. My car was at Urijah’s house but I didn’t want to go hang out there as I knew I was pretty down about events in the last couple days. So Becca went to Blockbuster to pick up some movies for us and then came and got me at the airport.. I made sure that she didn’t get anything that was chicky flicky because I knew that they would probably make me cry! lol

So she got Transsiberian and Street Kings… She also got Made of Honor and I told her that maybe I could watch that in a week. She was a sweet heart and made dinner and then we got under blankets on the couch and watched this crazy drug smuggling movie. Needless to say, it did its job and I felt a lot better before going to bed…

Today has been so busy with seeing old friends, a DMV appointment, and working on new business deals that I haven’t had any time to be upset… I know it’s just covering up the feelings that I know are there, but at least it’s helping me get through it…

I’m sitting on the couch at Urijah’s house right now and no one’s home.. I guess they’re all at the gym right now. Why Urijah doesn’t take a little time off is beyond me, lol…

I need to go to the gym and I need to go visit my old buddy Ian!! i’m off!


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