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I got kicked out!!!

I got kicked out of the Hinder private afterparty in the Hugh Hefner Suite at the Palms.. I have to admit that hasn’t happened to me too often, but I didn’t let it affect my ego too much, lol….

I wasn’t going to go out last night, and got a text from my girlfriend Becca. She had tickets to the Hinder concert and the afterparty in the Hugh Hefner Suite.. I had heard about the party but wasn’t making an effort to go. Well when she texted I spontaneously said yes.

I went home, got ready, and made it to the Palms by 7:30. We got there as the second band, Trapt, was going on. I like the band so was excited to see them perform. The second band was Rev Theory… Turns out that’s Jamie Eason’s boyfriend. I ran into her in the VIP area once Hinder came on stage..

I have liked hinder for a bit because of the song, “better than me”. That and “lips of an angel”. But I have to admit that halfway through their set, I started getting bored. We ended up in Gavin Maloof’s VIP suite (Becca is a King’s Cheerleader so she’s close with them) at the Pearl for the remainder of the concert where some of the prior bands were hanging out. I even saw little 18 yo Ryan Sheckler…

Afterwards, we went to my car to grab my camera, and then headed up to the Hugh Hefner Suite (I keep thinking of Wayne’s world when Wayne and Garth flashed their backstage passes at everyone). When we walked in the door, we were greeted by 4 playboy bunnies and 2 naked girls. WHOA!!

I saw tons of people I knew from various different industries and the free drinks were flowing. I just wandered around the party shooting pics of me and my friends or the people I knew that I ran into.

I was upstairs when I got stopped by security. Now keep in mind, this was a celebrity party. I knew there was a possibility that they might trip on my camera.. But, no ifs ands or buts about it, they wanted me gone and took me out the back door to the elevators… My friends wanted to leave with me but I told them to stay. Little did they know that I wanted to go home anyways!!!

I lol’d the whole way down to my car… 🙂 Here are the pics for any of you curious folks:

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