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Back at home in Las Vegas!!

Well, yesterday was a ton of fun… Of course it was. would you expect any less? I started the day with lunch and hanging out with Hendo… After that, I was on a weird journey with a group of people that were oddly connected to each other; somehow someone knew more than one person in the group independent of the others. I can’t explain it any better than that. So our eclectic group had adventures in a limo all over chicago.. They had started prior to picking me up at Johnny’s condo.. I got there in time for the US Beer Company, VIPs (a strip club), Stanley’s (a live band karaoke bar), and Spybar… I didn’t make it to Level with them afterwards thank god. They were on a mission to stay out ALL NIGHT LONG and I had done that so many times over the course of the week I just wanted to go to sleep…

Well, here are the pics; click to see the whole album… See if you can figure out who some of the peeps are:

PS: Congrats to my boy Denis Kang for winning his fight in under 45 seconds against Marvin Eastman!!

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