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Wednesday 09/10/08

I spent a long and busy day redesigning this site yesterday… Wasn’t super neccessary but I wasn’t liking how it looked and I was looking for a new solution for Combatlifestyle… So here’s what I came up with. It was all super spontaneous, and tell you the truth, I’m totally happy with it.

I spent the better part of the early morning (I woke up at midnight and worked through 7am) getting my blog up online before falling back to sleep for a couple hours. Then i went on the crazy journey to redesign my site…

It’s really nice to be at home relaxing.. I had a long phone call yesterday evening with Kyria, one of Evan Tanner’s close friends. She told me what had happened on her side of things, and that she was possibly the last person that Evan had talked to. His phone shouldn’t have even worked where he was at for her to get a call through, but fortunately for her, it did.

She seemed pretty well put together.. Then some moments she sounded like she was about to fall apart.. She’s a very strong woman that I met some time last year. She didn’t ever judge me for my looks or the fact that I’m a female photographer in a male dominated profession and sport. She appreciated my work and was always very kind any time our paths crossed.. She’s married to Dan Christison and has been around the industry a long time…

I’m not quite sure where I’m going with all of that. She’s just a sweetheart and I feel for her with her loss. Tell you the truth my ADD has kicked in a ton today and I have been all over the map working on all sorts of things. I woke up somewhere around 3 this am, and have been up ever since.. I spent hours downloading old photos and now they are posted on my myspaces…

Anyways, time to get back to it… sorry this isn’t more interesting… friends coming to visit this weekend, and an AMMY fight here in Vegas… Should be fun!


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