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Time for reflection….

I’ve hit the point of the drive back to vegas that I tend to spend a lot of time reflecting on life and it’s weird intricacies and coincidences… As I drive through this barren wasteland, my matthew moon cd making its rotation in my cd player, I think upon the most recent piece of news plaguing my mind..

Evan tanner was 38.. He put himself into a situation that he knew was risky, and knew he could die. No one expected it to actually happen. He’s been known for his eccentric ways and adventurous spirit so much that no one really worried about the newest chapter that he was weaving in his book of life. No on knew it was the last chapter..

It makes me think, and wonder.. You never know when its your last chapter… That’s kind of why I live my life the way that I do. I’m super spontaneous. I live each day as if it were my last. I want to have no regrets and know that I did ever thing I could, said everything I could say and lived life to the fullest.

I think that’s what Evan was trying to do. He had lost a lot of time within himself over the last few years and somewhere about a year ago woke up from a stupor and realized there was so much more he wanted to see, so many flowers yet to smell, so many mountains left to climb.

I see shadows playing over the mountain ranges around me. I see puffy white cumulous above me.. The skies are so blue… “Sweet home alabama… Well I’m coming home to you..” The song plays through my stereo as my thoughts wander..

Evan tanner, I hope you find what you’re looking for. I know that I haven’t found what I’m looking for and I know I won’t stop till I find it as well…

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